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06 April 2010 @ 10:27 pm
Title: time
Characters: Foreman, Foreman's family, House, Kutner, Thirteen
Rating: R
Warning: Death as a theme.
Beta: By the one and only zulu. ♥
Summary: Foreman and loss

"Look." Marc's proud grin eclipsed his face. "I figured it out."
02 April 2010 @ 09:50 pm
The House Big Bang Challenge is an annual celebration of longfic and art, and this year's Round Three has recently gone live. There are fifteen stories of over 20 000 words, as well as cover art, wallpapers, manips, vids, fanmixes, and illustrations.

Want to lose yourself in fannishness over the long weekend? House Big Bang has stories of all ratings, pairings, gen, crossovers, and alternate universes--a flavour for every taste. We hope you'll check out the stories on the Archive of Our Own and the art on the house_bigbang community.

Masterlist of Fiction and Art
Masterlist of Fiction by pairing and rating

Happy Big Banging!
02 March 2010 @ 10:19 am
Title: Morning
Pairing: House/Foreman
Author: alanwolfmoon
Rating: PG
Warnings: not much
Summary: House and Foreman waking up in the morning.
Disclaimer: MINE! ALL MINE!....uh, no. Not mine.
Feedback: Reviews and flames are welcome. (They make it look like I'm writing fast)
Notes: written for zulu for house_stocking.

Morning )
16 February 2010 @ 08:33 pm
Title: Hurting and Hot Tubs
Pairing: House/Foreman
Author: alanwolfmoon
Rating: PG
Warnings: not much
Summary: House comes in in pain. Foreman deals with it. It leads to something a lot more.
Disclaimer: MINE! ALL MINE!....uh, no. Not mine.
Feedback: Reviews and flames are welcome. (They make it look like I'm writing fast)
Notes: written for zulu for their donation to  help_haiti.

Hurting and Hot Tubs )
15 February 2010 @ 12:05 am
Title: Playing You Playing Me
Author: t_eyla
Beta: wheatear, wihluta
Rating: G
Pairing: House/Foreman (strongly hinted at)
Word Count: 1,530
Summary: Episode tag to Moving the Chains. Foreman goes back to PPTH after meeting Marcus at the halfway house, and his boss is waiting for him.
AN: This was written for help_haiti, for zulu's winning bid requesting House/Foreman. It's not the pairing I usually write, but I did my best, and hope I was able to do the characters and their relationship justice.

( At my journal. )
01 February 2010 @ 06:27 pm
The House Big Challenge is looking for artists!

For the challenge, artists and vidders sign up to read a > 20 000 word Housefic and create drawings, illustrations, photomanips, or a vid to accompany the story.

The Artists' Portion of the challenge begins on February 16, and we are accepting artist sign-ups until February 15. After artists choose the story they'd like to work with, they will have one month, from February 25 through March 25, to create their art.

Challenge Rules for Artists and ViddersCollapse )

If you have more questions, you can read the Big Bang FAQ HERE, or contact the mods at housebigbangmods@gmail.com.

You can sign up as an artist HERE.
27 January 2010 @ 01:53 pm
Title: Detour
Characters: House/Foreman
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing; make love, not lawsuits.
Summary: Sometimes things don't always go according to plan.
Author's Notes: Set early in season four, just after Foreman's return. For zulu. Unbeta-ed. Concrit and feedback is love.

Just past nine o'clock, Foreman walked into the conference room--second day back--and found it empty. Quiet.Collapse )
25 January 2010 @ 05:24 am
Alright, I realize that some unspecified amount of time ago there was a House M.D. kink meme. But, I was not there for it and - unless I am simply a fool with poor google-fu - it is not running anymore. So, inspired by the awesomeness that is sherlockkink I think there should be another.

Amirite, ladies? Amirite?

Playing is easy: 1) Think of a prompt. Post it in the meme comment thread. 2) Wait for someone to write you a fic. While you're waiting you can write someone else a fic using the prompts listed. 3) JOY! Read your fic! 4) Rinse and repeat.

We've already started. Join in the fun. Find the meme here: housekink

X-posted: Everywhere. Please, please, please feel free to pimp post this wherever you feel it is appropriate. The more people who are watching the meme the more fun it is.

18 January 2010 @ 10:21 pm
Title: Reunion
Fandom: House MD
Pairing/Rating: House/Foreman, R
Length: 9000 words
Spoilers: The timeline is around Frozen, but there are no specific spoilers.
Author's Notes: Written for alanwolfmoon for participating in Drabblerama: Road Trip Edition. Thank you to shutterbug_12 for the beta. This story is set in the wooedforyears 'verse, and it can be read as a sequel to shutterbug_12's fic, Down Memory Lane; however, I think (and certainly hope) that it can be read as a standalone.

Summary: Foreman's going to dance with who brung him if House has to tattoo TAKEN across his forehead.

( Reunion )
30 December 2009 @ 04:00 am
Heya, guys! I just read this really cute filk about Foreman in season six: A Song For The Underwritten Eric Foreman. It's got several lines worth loling over. A few lines that are objectionable, too, which I have pointed out to the author: hopefully she will take note and maybe change a few things. Otherwise, enjoy the filking!

ETA: The author changed the line I mentioned to her; much less problematic now. Yay!